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I’m sorry Rachel and I haven’t been able to update in ages, I’ve been with out internet for about four months now and Rachel has been ill. When I do get internet back I promise to do personal imagines, picture and a few Aus.

Love you!
xx Nikki

Hey love, could I please have a Harry imagine of anything really hahaha I don't mind, thank you so much my names Erin btw I love your blog btw

Hey babe, right now we are on a hiatus but when we I get some time I will write the imagine.

Xx nikki

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To all of our friends and fans,

We’re unfortunately unable to keep up with this blog for the moment due to a death in the family, as well as both of us being very ill. We still love all of you so much. You all keep us inspired with your up lifting messages and requests.

We ask you to be very patient with us, and we apologize for our absence.

Loads of hugs and kisses to all of you,


5.24. 2013

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Could you do a preference where you break up with your boyfriend after he's been abusive and one of the boys has helped you through it and you eventually go out.xxx

I stared at my naked reflection in the mirror, my once tanned skin is now painted with shades of purple, blues and yellows. Tracing over a large bruise on my lower stomach I whimpered in pain. How could someone I love be so violent?

A small tap echoed through the bathroom door. “I’ll be out in a moment!” I called in a panic to whomever was hiding behind the door, I didn’t want them to see me like this. 

As I slipped into a pair of black sweat pants the handle of the door started to jiggle. “I said I’ll be out in a moment!” I called. The person didn’t reply, instead they entered the small bathroom. My eyes trailed to the boys face, Louis, my best friend stood in front of me. 

I quickly threw on a t-shirt, my eyes not meeting Louis as he stayed silent for once in his life. He quickly walked towards me, his fist in tight balls. “Who did this to you?” He growled as he lifted up the edge of my shirt to peek at my battle wounds. 

I knew if I made eye contact with my long time best friend I’d end up spilling the secrets I’ve been trying to keep. “Who did this to you?” He barked once again. In reply I whimpered a small cry. 

Louis sighed, “I knew he was a bad cookie. I knew it! And I was too stupid to say anything.” He said pulling down the hem of my shirt. 

Cupping my cheeks in his hand he made eye contact with me, “(y/n), I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t speak up.” He said as he placed a small kiss onto my forehead. 

In that moment, I broke down, the tears streamed down my face for the first time in ages. I tried to keep strong for too long and now it was time to break down. 

“Shh, don’t cry.” Louis said sitting the two of us on the cold tile floor, our backs leaning against the shower glass door. “He doesn’t deserve your tears.” He said rubbing the small of my back. 

How did I deserve a friend like Louis Tomlinson? The question always popped up when I was around him. Louis Tomlinson was a saint in my eyes. 

“I-I should of told you! I’m stupid and I’m sorry.” I cried as my tears soaked through the boys blue V-neck. “You’re right, you should have told me, but you didn’t and we can’t do anything about that now, can we?” I shook my head in reply. 


It had been a few months since the break up with Troy. Louis had been by my side every step of my recovery. Although it’s hard to be around men, I still feel safe by Louis Tomlinsons side. 

“Stop!” I giggled loudly as Louis trailed his long fingers around my body. “Neva! The tickle bug is here to stay!” I said as he climbed atop of me and kept tickling. 

As Louis’ fingers found the gape of my neck my knee flew up into his manhood. Hearing a loud squeal Louis fell limp against my body. “My jewels!” He whimpered as his hands grabbed his package. 

I couldn’t help but laugh, it’s what he got for tickling me. “You think that’s funny?” He asked a moment later. “What if I can’t have kids anymore?” He questioned as he sat up and hovered over my petite body. 

I smiled innocently at him “you’re a cruel girl, (Y/N)” He stated before our eyes locked on one anothers. We stared at each other for a moment before his face leaned closer to mine, his nose brushed against mine before our lips met. 

The kiss was unlike any other I’ve shared with boys before. This kiss was soft, sweet and had a hint of a strawberry taste. As Louis pulled away my mouth formed into a smile. 

“I would say sorry, but, I’m not sorry.” He said before brushing a piece of hair out of my face. “I love you (Y/N)” He said before pecking my lips once more.

Authors note: I’m sorry if this is no good, I’m in the middle of a major case of writers block. I hope you liked it. xo nikki
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we miss your preferences

Awe! I’m sorry love. Rachel has been working on a fanfiction and wants to just focus on that for the time being while I’ve been super busy. 

If you suggest things I will try to get them up soon.

xx -nikki


hey there, where did you find the dresses for that preference you made?

I found all the dresses on Wanelo. The links are below. 

Louis dress (click here)
Zayns dress (click here)
Nialls dress (click here)
Liams dress (click here)
Harrys dress (click here

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The dress he picked out.

While shopping with your boyfriend (one of the boy’s from 1D) he picked out a dress for you to try on. Loving it on you he made you buy it and wear it on your next date. 








Authors note:
I honestly hate doing clothing preferences just because everyone’s taste is different. I hope you like the dresses I have picked out though. 

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He’s on tour and you can’t sleep.

While the boy’s are on tour you are left home alone. These few simple items help you relax at night while your loved one is away. 

Louis → A body pillow: One night while on the phone with Louis before you two hung up you informed him that you are craving his cuddles. A few days later a huge package arrived in the mail, enclosed was a large body pillow with a note saying "until we meet again, I hope this will do. forever and always, Louis"

Zayn → You spray his cologne on his side of the bed: You’ve always loved the smell of your boyfriend, Zayn. His scent had a way of calming you down. Before Zayn had left for tour you decided to steal his bottle of cologne. Now before bed you spray the scent over the bedspread as the simple smell seems to calm you to sleep.


Niall → Listening to his solos: You always found Niall singing to you softly before bed. Now that he was gone on his world tour you found yourself not able to sleep, you’ve tried everything, tea, sleeping pills and hot baths, but it wasn’t helping. Not until one night you and Niall skyped right before bed, he sung to you making everything seem calm. The next day you made a CD of Niall’s solos.

Liam→ Watching Toy Story: You were used to your boyfriends obsession with Toy story. You didn’t mind it too much as you were still a child at heart. When Liam had left for tour you couldn’t find a way to comfort yourself, not until you decided to watch Toy Story one Friday night. Since then you listen to Toy Story while you fall asleep.

Harry→ T-shirts: When you were informed that Harry was leaving for tour you decided to hoard away some of his t-shirts as a comfort while he was away. Now it has been two months since he had left and you constantly find yourself wearing his t-shirts to bed as the comfort of his clothing reminds you of him.

Authors note: 
This was written at 5am in the morning, if things do not make sense or suck I am very sorry for that. I’ve been lacking sleep lately. I want to apologize for not being active on this account, things have been hectic lately and my inspiration has run dry for a bit. If you’d like I would gladly take requests and get them up when I can. I love you. 

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Awe, you’re so cute! I’ll be writing imagines the next few days for the people who request, I’ll add you to the list. Please just message us letting us know what boy and setting you’d like. xx nikki

Awe, you’re so cute! I’ll be writing imagines the next few days for the people who request, I’ll add you to the list. Please just message us letting us know what boy and setting you’d like. 

xx nikki